Collectible of the Week: The Randall Bar

There is no better way to mark the height of ones fame than to have a candy bar named after themselves - and that's exactly what Randall Cunningham did in 1992.  Consisting of milk chocolate, peanuts and caramel, the "Randall Bar" was conceived after the Eagles star quarterback ate an "Isiah Bar" (honoring Isiah Thomas) during a layover in Detroit.  As he told Arsenio Hall that season, after one bite of the Isiah Bar he turned to his manager and said, "You know what to do" - sensing the candy might be a hit in our market, too.

To transform Thomas' candy bar, The Morley Candy Makers company Randall-ized it by applying the Eagles color scheme and a photo of Cunningham to the wrapper.  There were also several nice touches added:

  • A note that the ingredients had been "scrambled"
  • An inspirational quote from Randall
  • A box on the back for an autograph

I absolutely remember these as a kid - and it seemed like a big deal.  Of course, it was Philadelphia in the early-90s and anything Cunningham did was a hotly debated.  You still see them show up on eBay every once in a while (one sold last October for $18).  At this point, I wouldn't recommend eating a Randall Bar, but it would sure be a great conversation piece in your collection...