Collectible of the Week: 1980 Flyers Mount Hope Decanter

In 1980 Lancaster County's Mount Hope Estate and Winery produced a series of promotional decanters covering a number of subjects - including some related to the major Philadelphia sports franchises.  This week's spotlight collectible, the Flyers-themed, "Year of the Streak" decanter was first released in November 1980 to commemorate the team's 35-game unbeaten streak (25-0-10) during the 1979-80 season.  

Standing 9.5" tall, the container depicts a Flyers goaltender guarding the net.  The front of the 6.5" white base reads, "Philadelphia Flyers 1979-1980, The Year of the Streak."  Curiously, there were two versions released - noted by differences in their backs.  One lists opponents and scores for each game of "the streak" and the names of players, coaches and executives while the other is all net.  It seems like the roster may be a separate decal applied over top of the typical, black "Mount Hope" label.  Though it doesn't seem "homemade" we can't discount that possibility. I am interested to understand this difference - let me know if you know any additional information.

Overall, the decanter does show up on the secondary market semi-frequently - and can be purchased for between $20 - $30.  Condition features of note that may impact value are as follows:

  • Condition of the ceramic.  i.e. - no chips, scrapes or paint removal
  • Appearance of the stopper.  A red stopper was original present to contain the wine.  Having it is a plus
  • Appearance of Mount Hope label on back (bottom).  
  • Back version.  ???