May "Phanatic of the Month" Bobble Head

Mother's Day Phanatic Bobble Head

This weekend is the Phillie Phanatic's annual birthday celebration.  And, knowing Phoebe Phanatic is on a plane en route to Philadelphia for tomorrow night's festivities, it seems appropriate to take a look at the May, "Phanatic of the Month" bobble head, which is all about Mom.

The second of a planned twelve Majestic Store exclusives, the bobbles advance the calendar a few weeks to Mother's Day.  The mascot is standing on a gold, Phanatic head base (same one used for the April figurine) while holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and balloons in the other.  At his feet is a silver, "World's Best Mom" trophy.

As we found out last month, the $50 price tag is not enough to scare away the die-hards; the Easter version sold out within a few days.  And, word-is, there is an issue with shipping that is further limiting the already small 150/month production runs.  If you are interested in buying one of these for your mom, I recommend you make a trip to the CBP Majestic Store this weekend.

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