Collecting Brad Lidge

Word circulated this week that former Phillies closer Brad Lidge is calling it quits.  And though much of his Phillies career was up and down but he will forever be remembered for the one shining moment when he clinched the city's second baseball World Championship.  During his four seasons in Philadelphia Lidge became one of the most collectible Phillies.  So, as he prepares to embark on his post-baseball life it is only fitting that we look back at some of the best pieces of Lidge-themed Phillies memorabilia...

Forever Collectibles World Series bobble head

Brad Lidge Forever Collectibles
World Series bobble head

Comments: I have never been a big fan of Forever Collectibles' bobble heads, having a general opinion that they often have no resemblance to the actual player (even by bobble head standards).  The World Series line (1 of 2,008) that followed the Phils' 2008 championship run is probably the only exception.  They look very sharp with the players holding the trophy while standing on a WS logo.

Autographed 2008 World Series baseball

Brad Lidge signed
2008 World Series ball

Comments: If you are collecting 2008 Phillies, chances are you have at least one Brad Lidge autograph.  His 48-48, perfect season along with saving the final game of the Series that year make him a key player in any team project.  More commonly available than previous World Series balls, one from 2008 signed by Lidge deserves a spot in your man cave.

November 11, 2008 Sports Illustrated Cover

Brad Lidge Sports Illustrated

Comments: Sports Illustrated covers have to be the pinnacle of success for any athlete.  And in November 2008 Brad Lidge climbed to those heights.  I collect all the Phillies Sports Illustrated covers and this has to be one of the best...though I have always been annoyed by that "Dear Bud..." graphic that shares the frame.