1950 Whiz Kids Collection Comes/Goes on Ebay

It is not unusual to come across an eBay seller who is unloading a "collection" of related items.  But rarely do those collections hold as much historical significance to Phillies fans as the one ebayer village.antiques posted two weeks ago.  Up for bid was a group of four great Phillies memorabilia lots related to the Whiz Kids pennant run in 1950.  Though I didn't win any of them, thought they were worth taking another look at...

A pair of 1950 World Series tickets
The Phillies met the Yankees in Shibe Park for the first two games of the 1950 World Series.  While the tickets offered in this lot are not complete (missing the tab on the left-hand side), what is left is pristine.  First rule of memorabilia collecting is condition and these tickets pass the test.

1950 World Series Tickets
Phillies/Yankees - Shibe Park

Number of bids: 7
Final bid amount: $193.50

1950 World Series Program (Philadelphia Version)
Until 1974 the World Series programs were unique by team.  Since then, they have been unified under a single cover design with local differences identified within the pages.  In 1950, more New York versions were printed than Philadelphia.  That is one of the factors that has generally kept our hometown version higher valued.

The offered program had a couple condition issues that impacted it's final sale price.  First of all, the cover has the date and score written along the top edge.  It is also has a fully scored scorecard.  Both of these characteristics are typically undesirable, though I personally like the game scoring to tie the program to a specific game.  In this case I think it was the cover damage that kept bids from passing $100.

1950 World Series Program
Philadelphia Version

Number of bids: 25
Final bid amount: $77.01

Pennant Clinching Game Memorabilia
The Whiz Kids clinched the pennant in Brooklyn on October 1, 1950.  And while a contingency of Philadelphians made the trip to New York for that final series of the season, most in attendance were Dodgers fans which makes finding tickets and programs from the game fairly rare.  These two lots offered both...

I have a small collection of 1950 Phillies memorabilia, and targeted these two pieces as potential additions.  The World Series lots were very good, but more common.  Both were in pretty good condition, and because their titles lacked the "World Series" tag, I figured they had the potential to stay in a more reasonable price range.  In the end I was bitterly disappointed to lose out on both by $1 in the ending seconds...

October 1, 1950 Pennant Clincher
Brooklyn Dodgers/Phillies Program

Program bidding: 5
Program final bid amount: $28.88

October 1, 1950 Pennant Clincher
Game Ticket

Ticket bidding: 3
Ticket final bid amount: $67.68