Preliminary 2013 Phillies Promotional Schedule Released

It's way too early to have all the details of the 2013 Phillies promotional schedule, but with six-game packs going on sale soon, the team has whet our appetites with a preliminary look.  The schedule, which was released earlier this week, is little more than a framework at this point, but there are still a few things that can be reported.

Old "favorites" returning next season are celebrations for Mother's Day, Father's Day and the Phanatic's birthday as well as SGAs for Kid's Opening Night, Wall of Fame Night and Back-to-School day.  Also, still to be revealed are photos of bobble promos (Carlos Ruiz and Cole Hamels), knit cap and the annual opening week t-shirt.  We'll get a good look at (most) giveaways in January as the Phillies gear up to single-game ticket sales.  Stay tuned...

The full 2013 Phillies promotional calendar