My Favorite Cards: Garry Maddox

Garry Maddox played in Philly from 1975-1986, and won the Gold Glove in Centerfield for eight consecutive seasons (from 1975-1982) earning him the moniker - "The Secretary of Defense".  Though, somehow seemingly underrated, he has always stood out as one of my favorite players from that era.   It should be noted that despite his reputation as one of the greatest outfielders of his era, not one Garry Maddox Phillies card (that I could find) actually had him in the field!

Here are a few of my favorite cards featuring "Garry Lee"...

1976 Topps - #38

Comments:  The 1976 Topps card is one of several cards from this period that show off Maddox's legendary mutton-chops.  I personally prefer this one to either the 1977 or 1980 cards - though, those both have them as the centerpiece.  This card makes me think of the '70's - and in particular the teams of 1975-1976 that taught Philadelphia how to win again. 

1976 Topps - Garry Maddox

1981 Topps #160

Comments:  When going through my mental Rolodex for post, the 1981 Topps card was the first that came to mind.  First of all, it is a great action shot of Maddox at the plate.  Secondly, this was one of my first Phillies cards.  It was one of several 1981 Topps Phillies cards that my dad gave me early on, and it along with some of those others are burned into my memory.  Bonus points for the blue away uniform.

1981 Topps - Garry Maddox

1984 Donruss #305

Comments: 1984 Donruss was one of the great sets of my childhood. This card is a great example of why I love these cards - simple action pose, with a tighter frame than most (compare to the 1981 card above).  You also cannot miss the 1983 Centennial logo patch on Maddox's left sleeve - instant memories. 

Note: One disappointment with the 1984 sets were the inclusion of so many players who had moved on since the previous season's World Series run (Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, Pete Rose to name a few).  

1984 Donruss - Garry Maddox

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